Monday, May 07, 2007

More Than 15 Minutes

Linkin’ Park, Minutes To Midnight. Gotta love these boys, reppin’ LA properly. They really know how to integrate that whole hip-hop/rock-fusion-thing. Even I gotta admit that I was getting a little tired of hearing the same “formula” over and over. But I’ve been looking forward to this album for quite some time now (drops 5/15), ever since I heard that Rick Rubin would be the executive producer on it. You know how Rick do. And I’m not disappointed one bit.

On a sidenote, if you’re ever in LA and on Melrose you got to check out Joseph Hahn’s store, SURU. Typical LA hipster scene (When is it gonna die? I remember when the only LA hipster was Beck.), but the art in there is off the hook. I was always a sucker for "high-low" art that integrates different images, boundaries, sounds, etc. well…like Linkin’ Park.

[MP3] Linkin’ Park :: Leave Out All The Rest
[MP3] Linkin’ Park :: Shadow Of The Day
[MP3] Linkin’ Park :: In Between
{Wow. I love how Rubin encourages stepping outside of the box…“Under The Bridge”?}
[MP3] Linkin’ Park :: In Pieces

{Not too much on the site.}
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