Sunday, May 06, 2007

Doing It Till Death

There have been plenty of articles, blogs (including this one), etc. that have paid tribute to the legendary James Brown. You can't say enough about his influence over music & he will be greatly missed. I would say more (Talkin' Loud Sayin' Nothin'), but I think DJ Premier does a better job with his DJ Premier Salutes James Brown (The Foundation Of Hip Hop), a 2-hour double-disc mix. Not only do you get some of JB's greatest work every mixed by Primo himself, but you really get to see the extent of JB's influence in Primo's Hip Hop mix.

[MP3] DJ Premier Salutes James Brown :: Funk & Soul
[MP3] DJ Premier Salutes James Brown :: Hip Hop
{Half of hip-hop wouldn't exist if it wasn't for James Brown.}

You should really check out Primo's Sirius radio show.

Take Some Leave Some.


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