Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Soul Blogger #1

Most of my weekends are spent studying, doing mundane chores/errands, working and if I'm lucky, downloading music and posting some of the goodies I find that I think others will enjoy. This past weekend was an exception to the rule though, as I actually got out of the house and went to see one of our favorite bloggers spin. That's right, Oliver Wang (O-Dub) was rockin' the 1's & 2's at Star Shoes Bar in Hollywood. As I'm sure most of you already know, O-Dub is one of the OB's (Original Bloggers) out there...actually before the word "blogger" even existed, O-Dub was posting music up for the masses. But he's more than that. So I was hyped to see the guy who primarily inspired the GETDOWNNN crew to give this whole blog thing a shot. And I was not disappointed (except for the fact that the buddy I went with refused to talk to these 2 lovely ladies who were trying most of the night to get his attention). Anyways, it was packed, everybody groovin' and movin', a great night and definitley worth the price of admission (free). So I thought this would give me the opportunity to post some songs that I've been wanting to post, but that I thought would also be appropriate to the style and flavor or what O-Dub does regularly...at least I hope too (& no, they're not all super-rare funk tracks). Consider this a "tribute" to O. Here's to O-Dub getting a regular spot in LA.

[MP3] The Commodores :: High On Sunshine
{A break that's more than just the break. Before the Commodores started "Dancing On the Ceiling"}
[MP3] Manu Dibango :: Iron Wood
{No other words besides needed besides funky. If you like James Brown & Fela Kuti, you should check this guy out as well.}
[MP3] Carol Fran :: I'm Gonna Try
{This is just between me & O-Dub...and those who know. Kanye or someone should just sample the hell out of this!!!}
[MP3] Beastie Boys :: Open Letter (Cut Chemist Remix)
{I found this one in the $0.99 bin with just the blank white label. Good thing I brought my VW. You'll have to bump this one.}

For everything Oliver

I hope this is enough a$$ kissing to get us a permanent spot on the blogroll.