Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bust A Move 2 (FINALLY DONE!!!)

I seriously need to get a massage. I hate being this age, too broke to pay for a professional moving company& too old to do any physical activity without paying for it the next morning. Thanks to B for helping with the move. The other thing that helped with the move, especially the long drives (aka recouping time) was the music. Besides the newKelis, Outkast, Xtina albums (see Bust A Move 1), I also popped in Justin Timberlake's new album, Futuresex/Lovesounds, & its damn good. With Timbaland & Rick Rubin both doing a majority of the production, it is awfully nice. For those of you who slept on his solo debut, Justified, because of teeny pop, TRL, N'Sync hang-ups...you missed out. Now it’s time to catch up. Play that funky music white boy! Only wish Mike Jackson was in good enough health to bless those beats.

[MP3] Justin Timberlake :: Love Stone
[MP3] Justin Timberlake :: What Goes Around
[MP3] Justin Timberlake :: End Of Time
{Somebody call Mr. Devante…cause somebody stole his sound.}
[MP3] Justin Timberlake :: Losing My Way

JT’s site (Wait in line with all the other teenage girls 9/12)

I also had a little help from Beck’s new material:

[MP3] Beck :: Nasusea
[MP3] Beck :: Strange Apparation
[MP3] Beck :: Motorcade

Beck’s site

Finally Done (NOW ITS TIME TO UNPACK!!!).
Big ups to Ernesto for helping me set up the studio.
Looking forward to the Hawaiian “winters”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And sweet pic. Thanks for the new Beck...love 'em!!! Your guys blog is pretty tight. I think I'll come here more often.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beck rocks!!!!

9:44 PM  

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