Saturday, March 24, 2007

These Boots Are Made For...

{HIPPO'S NOTE: What would Bjork and Timbaland sound like? Check it out: FOR THE SONGS & FOR THE INFO}

{I think Timbo should just release a DVD of him and different artists in the studio. The vibe is just crazy!}

...STOMPIN'!!! Just picked up the new Timbaland album, Shock Value, which hits the streets 4/3. Out of all his solo work (and I'm including his material with Magoo), this is his best effort to date. You can really see his growth as a producer and artist. I wouldn't say he's on Kanye West's level as an MC, but he keeps you interested and of course the beats are ill enough to give you scars. And he is still experimenting with his sound, which is encouraging, since he seemed to fall into a funk when both Bubba Sparxxx's and Nelly Furtado's sophomore albums, for which he did a majority of the production, had very little commercial success. I also heard that he's working with Bjork now too. Sorry, but Scotty Storch has nothing on Tim (by the way, how did Storch go from the official Roots crew sound to moving to Miami, buying some name brand sunglasses, and working with Hulk Hogan's daughter??? That's gotta be worse than taking a picture with P. Diddy...maybe?).

[MP3] Timbaland :: Oh Timbaland
{He flips Kanye and Nina}
[MP3] Timbaland feat. Amar & Jim Beanz :: Bombay
{From the man who invented & made the "Bombay" beat hot, this track shows Tim's growth in production best...with a mixture of his Indian style with his new freshness from the 80's}
[MP3] Timbaland feat. She Wants Revenge :: Time
{Timbo spreads his wings on this track...and it works well. Remember when She Wants Revenge sounded like this? Prince Paul and all!}
[MP3] Timbaland feat. One Republic :: Apologize
{More of a remix of this great tune}
[MP3] Timbaland feat. Elton John :: 2 Man Show
{Just wish Elton would have sung...maybe costs too much}

{You can't beat this classic. The best MTV Cribs episode ever - flipped!}

...GRINDIN'!!! Most likely on someone's throat with Redman repin'. That's right the new Funk Doc. album drops 3/27, but GETDOWNNN Exclusive Heads get theirs first. Not to be confused with the video, Redman Gone Wild (Thee Album) brings it back like only he can.

Redman feat. Def Squad & Biz Markie :: Walk In Gutta
Redman :: Rite Now
Redman feat. E3, Hurricane G, Melanie Rutherford :: Soopaman Luva 6
{I mean come on...bring that Curtis Mayfield ish! Can never get tired of this break.}
Redman feat. E3, Hurricane G, Melanie Rutherford :: Soopaman Luva 6.5
{Come on, maaaan...Rocky got nothing on this series}

Is hip-hop dead? It's like being at the front of a buffet line for Christmas dinner (but get your's quick before Hulk and Brooke do an encore - see above).


Anonymous benflowz said...

man I don't know about that new Timbo.... the beat wit Busta Rhymes seems like it'll be a hot song (even though busta spitts commercial as all get out these days)

1:51 PM  

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