Sunday, April 29, 2007

DJ Basics #1049

Editorial Disclaimer:
Before you read on, let me first say that I neither asked nor begged Ms. DS to write the following post, and she's only here because I'm too damn lazy to write anything of my own. If you just disregard her first sentence, the rest of it is ok (even good), but it still doesn't necessarily mean we like it.

|bruce banner|

I was asked (practically begged!) by Bruce Banner to drop some more knowledge so here I am again. Back by (Bruce Banner's) popular demand.

There's nothing I love more than my vinyl collection. The hours I've spent digging through the Ja Rules of hip hop and finally finding my Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill is worthwhile and almost cathartic. Is vinyl outdated? That's a resounding hell no! I don't have Serato because I'm not about to drop $500 for it. But also because I appreciate the art of digging and finding and coming up with a rarity. Kind of like chemistry on the dancefloor.

My beloved crates are divided into three categories – songs by women artists, songs about women, and other miscellaneous songs. I do this because as a female, it's instinctual for me to spin songs that make women feel good. And there's nothing that makes a woman feel better than hearing a song about how "I'm gonna let my hair hang down / and shake my thang around."

Cuz we do know what happens when the women feel good, right?

They dance!

And what happens when the ladies get out on the dancefloor?

The fellas are happy, the women are happy, the dj has done his/her job, and the formula of partyrocking is complete.

Some personal favorites that get the ladies out on the floor:

Women Artists:
[MP3] Leela James :: Good Times (quoted above)
[MP3] TLC - Aint't Too Proud to Beg (classic!)

Songs About Women:
[MP3] Mos Def :: Ms. Fat Booty
[MP3] Musiq :: Just Friends



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