Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Get Cookin'

A couple Fridays back I was out with the boys driving through Koreatown when my friend started hyping a couple of DJs from Valencia, Spain. I was a bit skeptical at first because I never knew him to be a big hip hop head, and on top of that, Spain+Hip Hop just didn't compute in my mind. Just then, this crazy AZ remix comes on, and I'm asking, "damnn, who's this!?!" My friend told me it was Cookin' Soul, the DJs from Spain he was talking about. Whattttt. These beats are sick, and this is coming out of Spain?! Ignorant, I know, but I was surprised that beats like these were coming out of anywhere but the U.S.

Cookin' Soul reminds me a bit of 9th Wonder and Large Professor, yet with their own distinct flavor that relies heavily old soul samples. On their site you can download remixes of all your favorite east coast MCs and they do just as nice a job remixing Nas, Jay-Z, and even the beloved Fiddy. I always thought that AZ would've been bigger if he had some stronger producers backing him up, and I think this album proves that point. AZ's effortless flows only need a nice beat to ride on, and Cookin' Soul provides just that. Oh, and as a bonus, I'm including the new Primo-produced "The Format" and "Rise and Fall" with Little Brother from his latest release.

If you dig Cookin Soul, all four of their mixes are available for free on their site (I have to admit the cheapskate in me loves them even more for that). Spread the joy.

[MP3] AZ :: City of Gods (Cookin' Soul Remix)
[MP3] AZ :: Still Alive (Cookin' Soul Remix)

[MP3] AZ :: The Format (Produced by DJ Premier)
[MP3] AZ :: Rise and Fall feat. Little Brother (Produced by J. Cardim & Phonte Coleman)

Cookin' Soul website

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ps. thanks to AK for the heads up on Cookin' Soul


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