Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's Next: Blue Scholars

[HIPPO'S NOTE: I guess "The Man" has been coming down hard on us recently, making us take down the Teri Boyz feat. Kanye track and now these Blue Scholar tracks. All apologies for the inconvience, but you can still check out all of the Blue Scholar tracks, and more, in their entirety at their website linked below.]

Sorry to bring back the kid from Ju-On, but that’s the extent of my Photoshop skills (besides, it’s not really the kid from Ju-On). It’s been long overdue, but I’m finally getting around to posting on my favorite underground hip-hop group from The Great P.N.W. (Pacific Northwest), the Blue Scholars. These two brothers truly represent doing it for the love, as they’ve been around for more than minute now (dropping an EP and LP and some vinyl), doing shows from college campuses to local community events to even opening up for Kanye West. Really putting in the work 24/7. With roots out of Seattle, they bring it back to that raw, 1 MC & 1 DJ noise, on a jazzier tip. Sort of a cross between Gangstarr and J-Live (I know, I know, I still need post on him). I could do with a little less preachy righteousness in the lyrics spit by Geo, but that’s just me, and I do like the rhythm of his flow and sound of his voice. Saba just kills the beats and should be making tracks for someone like J-Live or even Jay-Z as well. Below are some of my favorite tracks, but if you want more…trust me, there’s more (I especially like their LP), make sure you check out their website, cause you can listen to all their songs there.

[MP3] Blue Scholars :: Blink
[MP3] Blue Scholars :: Burnt Offering
[MP3] Blue Scholars :: Sagaba (Remix)

It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to see that the Blue Scholars just make sense.
Master of clichés.


Blogger doctashock said...

I just found out that Blue Scholars was recently signed by Rawkus. Hopefully they won't suffer too much from the El-P backlash

9:27 PM  

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