Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let Em Breathe Y'all

I recently received an email from yet another screaming, adoring, tearing-her-clothes-off fan (ok, not really) of Getdownnn asking that I put up her response to my post on hip hop love songs...apparently she felt that us "boys" (?!) might appreciate a female voice on the topic...although she may be a bit off to think so, her point of view might actually help those of us who wonder why we're always getting dissed at the club. Since this is the only mail we've ever received, I guess I have to put it up even though she sounds like someone from Pigeon John's street marketing team.

|bruce banner|

Bruce Banner's post on Hip Hop Love Songs got me thinking about the portrayal of women in hip hop. While I appreciate our fellow brothers' eternal quest for understanding the female species, let's be frank - the pickings in hip hop as a female consumer range from pathetic to derogatory. And no, the obligatory "This one's for the ladies! Ladies make some noise!" is not cutting it for me when it's followed by someone yelling about how they want to smack my ass. While I understand that certain female artists propagate the same problematic image of women (as in, Nelly Furtado in "Promiscous Girl"), I think the majority of us women feel good when we hear an artist speak to us like we're - human. Just talk about you and stop frontin' about what you want to do to me.

Enter Pigeon John and his newest album "Pigeon John ... and the Summertime Pool Party." Listening to Pigeon John's album make you wonder how he became the artist he is today. You gotta figure that he rolled out of bed one day and said, "Fuckit. I'm just gonna be who I be" and then he rolled out with a song like "Do the Pigeon" ("All these dudes telling lies for the fame and wealth / I'd rather kick back and just be myself / Enjoy the good times and enjoy the hell").

It's tiring being a badass gangsta rapper, and Pigeon John knows that not every artist was born with a woman dangling from each arm (not even LL Cool J). Ever been rejected at a bar and lived to tell about it? Yes, it's a universally shared experience, so it makes me appreciate an artist like Pigeon John who is witty and unapologetic about the situation ("Excuse me can I buy you an orange juice? / No? Wow you're honest aren't you?").

Then again, the Pigeon John on CD doesn't really do him justice cuz you gotta see him live. If you ever have a chance to check out one of his shows, don't think twice. It's one of the most entertaining and fun live shows I've been to. He's honest and charismatic and weirdly likable all rolled into one mess of a human being. Best part is when he raps, "Ladies - put your hands up / Put your hands up", he follows it up with "Fellas - let 'em breathe ya'll / Let 'em breathe ya'll it's what they need ya'll".

Yup, it's all I really ask for.

[MP3] Pigeon John :: Life Goes on feat. Abstract Rude
[MP3] Pigeon John :: Money Back Guarantee



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