Tuesday, February 20, 2007


[HIPPO's NOTE: If y'all liked the Biz mix, you should make sure you check this out. It's not live, so it doesn't vibe like the mixtape I posted below, but the sound quality is obviously better.]

I just got back from NBA All Star Weekend in Las Vegas. What a blast! Never have I seen so many people in one place at the same time, except for maybe Times Square in New York on New Year’s Eve and The Bund in Shanghai during Chinese New Year. It was like the CES of Freakniks! And never have I been so tired. Went to as many games/events as I could and tried to do a little work as well. The highlight had to be Charles Barkley racing 67 year old referee Dickie Bavetta. Here are some of my favorite “pre-fight” smack talkin’ clips and of course, The Main Event!

{My kind of training}

But since this is a music blog, I thought I should mention that I went to a couple of the parties out there and, let me tell you, they were off the hook. Never thought I’d see Grand Master Flash spin one night and then Biz Markie the next. And it made me realize that even though a lot of these Ol’ Skool DJ’s might not be able to do the crab scratch or the flare or whatever the latest and greatest technique is, they can still cold rock a party!!! So here is an example of this, with Biz Markie’s mixtape (that’s right and I dug up an audio cassette for y’all who can still remember what that is) rockin’ a party Live @ Q-Club. So please bear with the sound quality (every time the sound drops out that’s Biz queuing the crowd to jump in on the lyrics of the song…go ahead, no one’s looking) and the fact that its one long 45 minute track. I think you’ll enjoy it though.

{For all you Dilla fans, J-Rocc gets on the decks one more time to pay tribute. I prefer this mix to Act 1. Stones Throw always brings it with their free podcasts!}

No one wins with censorship (banner).


Anonymous white silk said...

That Biz mix is nice - too bad the quality is kinda wack, though.

I appreciate you sending along nonetheless.....

9:47 AM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

no, i win with censorship! gotta love it...don't air that personal sh!# on the site.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Look who's talking...Sugar Tank E, better make sure the lock is tight.

Thanks for the support white silk.

9:38 PM  

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