Saturday, January 27, 2007

Study Break: The Good, The Bad &...THE DAMN GOOD!!!

I think I’ve been going a bit stir crazy recently. It seems like all I do is work and study, work and study. Barely have time to take a shower, rest or shhhh…you get the point. School is driving me nuts. Decide to take a little break and snoop around for new songs. Boy, am I glad I did. I’ve been looking forward to this album since I heard that it was coming out and now that I got my hands on it, I can’t stop listening to it (good study music too). Imagine putting together the Clash (bassist Paul Simonon) with the Verve (Simon Tong) and then kicking it in the a$$ with Africa 70 (Tony Allen), giving it the voice of the Blur/Gorillaz (Damon Albarn) and to top it all off, have the hottest producer in the planet (Danger Mouse) put it all together. Sounds crazy? Check some of my favorites:

[MP3] The Good, The Bad & The Queen :: Behind The Sun
The Good, The Bad & The Queen :: Nature Springs
The Good, The Bad & The Queen :: Green Fields

GBQ’s site

And of course I have to throw a little break in here, since I have a double entendre history with the word “break”. So without further ado, this study break is...
Jorge Ben :: Comanche
{If you like this and the group that sampled it (if you need a hint, just think “We be fallin up, Never fallin down, We keep it at a higher level elevating now, Put it in your in your area, city or your town, --- is known for gettin down.” And then think, what the hell happened.) Anyways, my next post will be on them. Don’t worry, I’ll flip it up.}

Back to the books (but GBQ’s video just makes me want to eat).


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