Sunday, February 04, 2007

REmixed Nutz Chapter 2: Black Eyed Peas Renegotiate (But They Should Have Just Stayed Original)

Today is your lucky day, I’m so pissed that I actually wasted time ripping this Black Eyed Peas Renegotiations remix album. You’d think with remixes by Large Professor, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Erick Sermon, and Pete Rock it’d be something special...not this time. It sounds as if all these great producers give the Peas their table scrapes. Did Will even check ‘em before he bought ‘em? Below are some of my favorite remixes that the Peas did pre-Fergielicious (when Taboo used to hand out invitations to his own birthday party to the crowd & when they used to jump into the pit and start a dancin' cypher...aka when they were dope). Also an example of Renegotiations, aka Primo not even trying & the Peas not even giving a sh*t. To give them the benefit of doubt, we all got to feed our kids.

[MP3] BEP :: Fallin’ Up (Live Remix)
[MP3] BEP :: Joints & Jams (Billions Mix)
[MP3] BEP featuring Justin Timberlake :: My Style (DJ Premier Remix)
{Is it just me or does this style suck?}

If you can't tell, I liked them better when there was just 3 of them.


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