Monday, January 08, 2007

What’s Next: Roscoe Umali

Every magazine, website, newspaper, zine, blog…anything where anybody expresses an opinion has a “next”, “rated rookie” or “up and coming” section where they talk about those out there who haven’t quit made it yet, but if everything falls into place and with a little luck, they have the potential to blow up BIG. What’s Next is that for GETDOWNNN (I don’t think that’s the kid from Ju-On: The Grudge). You may have never heard of these artists before or may be one of the few diehard fans that allow these artists to eat, but whoever you may be, you need to show love for them just for the simple fact that they’re chasing that dream, doing what the love, no matter the consequences or struggles.

For this first installment, we go with someone who embodies this struggle. A hustler for life, remember the name Roscoe Umali, cause whether he’s selling kicks or snicks, man could sell ice to Eskimos. I knew this homeboy was going to accomplish big things and will continue to, since the first time I met him. He’s one of those cats that whatever he puts his mind to, he can do. Get out the hood and get into one of the best universities in the country? Done. Graduate with honors? Done. Travel around the world as a DJ for a famous Korean hip-hop group? Done. Get a law degree and real estate appraisal license (how could he be an MC without those?). Done. I mean I remember he used to run with some of the Beat Junkies and strippers…you get the point, the legend grows.

Now Roscoe’s on to bigger and better things. Pimpin’ out his own music from his home base in LA and even has a sneaker (how could he be an MC without one?). Not sure when his full-length album will come out (maybe somebody can fill us in?), but he’s working on it. Here are a couple early singles off of it:

[MP3] Roscoe Umali featuring E-40 & J. Black :: Live It Up
{Yes that’s right, 40 Fonzarelli}
[MP3] Roscoe Umali :: Gettin’ Mine
{Love this track!}
Roscoe’s website
{Make sure you checkout the videos}

Your former T.A.,
{I made sure you passed, now hook me up with some of those gurls!}


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