Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Suggestion Box

{Love this video. It goes right up there with Erykah Badu's new one (hope you're enjoying the album jos-b) for all of you who have dusty fingers.}

We hear at Getdownnn pride ourselves on listening. I mean, that's what we love to do, listen to music we like and share it with others and hopefully they dig it as well. We always love to discover new artists, albums and even genres. So when a comment came in from regular Getdownnner (& former GD writer...what's up with dat?) Muttpop Bob suggesting that we check Kutiman's funky sound, we listened. And are much obliged. Haven't gotten my hands on his album yet, but will for sure and in the meantime I checked out and liked all the grooves on his myspace.

One nation under a groove.


Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

Mista Hippo:

That was quick! :-)

Cool video. I hadn't seen that. Thanks!


11:24 PM  

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