Sunday, February 17, 2008

Superman Returns

Like Charles Barkley, I knew Dwight Howard was going to win this year's Slam Dunk Contest. I even made back some of my Superbowl money. The reason why I knew this & let's not forget last year's goodies that we missed out on. The only challenge I thought could be from Jamario Moon...but that ended up being an off the bounce disappointment. And even though there are critics that say that Howard's 'Superman' dunk wasn't technically a dunk...who the hell cares. Anybody that can jump high enough to throw the ball down in to the basket, is just bananas. And to me, that wasn't his most impressive dunk that night, this was. I did like the under the basket dunk too, but Andre Iguodala pulled something similar off before...didn't look as easy though. And I did like Gerald Green's 'birthday cake' dunk and his no shoes between the legs dunk was impressive. Unless you dunk, don't even tell me that the dunk part of the 'birthday cake' wasn't impressive or I'm getting tired of 'between the legs' dunks. Try taking a jump shot in socks without killing yourself. It is true though, that 'between the legs' has become played (I was there for that Jason Richardson #2 dunk...craziest thing I've ever seen!).  Even Orlando 'Cocaina' Woolridge did it back in the day. Since this has to relate to music somehow, I thought I'd post some songs in honor of the new Superman (step aside Shaquille O'Neal).

[MP3] Above The Law :: Black Superman
[MP3] Soulja Boy :: Crank That
{I know that Soulja Boy is annoying but the way he rips a Neptunes/Clipse sounding beat is impressive.}
[MP3] Shaquille O'Neal :: Shoot Pass Slam
{Time to pass the torch.}

From cupcakes to capes.


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