Saturday, March 01, 2008

Somebody's Watching Me

I know that I'm always late to the party. So I finally get around to listening to the latest & greatest of concept albums, Rhymefest's Man In The Mirror, with production by his main man Mark Ronson using only Michael Jackson tracks as samples. It was just sitting around and I remembered that I wanted to post it, when I did my last post on MJ. For those who aren't familiar, Rhymefest has been holding it down in the underground freestyle scene for more than a minute and finally got his break and showing his shine with his work on Kanye West's "Jesus Walks", in which he came up with the concept, sample, and collaborated with Kanye on the lyrics. Since then, I really think that Rhymefest hasn't gotten his due, even a little disrespected by 'Ye for not signing with his GOOD Life label. Instead he ended up on his longtime friend, Mark Ronson's Allido Records. He finally got his time with his debut Blue Collar. The rest is HIStory. With this latest effort, I can really dig it, just wish the tracks were a little longer (even though it is a mixtape) and has some hilarious interludes with genius cut n' paste between MJ and Rhymefest.

[MP3] Rhymefest feat. Wale :: Get Up
[MP3] Rhymefest :: Mike The Mentor
[MP3] Rhymefest :: Man In The Mirror
[MP3] Rhymefest :: No Sunshine
{Produced by Emile.}
[MP3] Rhymefest :: Windbreaker Skit
[MP3] Rhymefest feat. Dres of Black Sheep :: Foolin' Around

{Love Rhymefest's flow in this.}

Rhymefest's space
{Be sure to watch the youtube "...In Studio" clips. Love looking at producer's lifestyles, reminds me of Jay-Z's Fade To Black DVD. Definitely making me look forward to El Che.}

Make that change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hoping for a mj & rhymefest song for real. that rhymefest vs. eminem battle clip is great.

3:41 PM  

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