Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stroll 'Round Town (It's A Mutha)

Well here's another random post with no rhyme or reason to add to the music blog world...aka a 'mixtape' post. I swear with the all the youtube posts and this, I'm getting lazy. In that vein, here's some good grooves that I've recently found and been bumpin' round town.

[MP3] Talib Kweli :: Momma Can You Hear Me
{I swear this guy just keeps getting better and better. Kanye beat.}

[MP3] Del The Funkee Homosapien :: Workin' It
{Looking forward to finally hearing 11th Hour and hopefully his new boss, El-P gave up some beats for Del to flow on.}

[MP3] Atmosphere feat. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright, Blueprint :: Crewed Up
{I have to admit I wasn't really a big Slug fan, not until the Felt series with Murs. But I've always felt Ant's productions. I did like the Strictly Leakage album (that was released online for free) and leads up to their If Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold. Great title and based off of Leakage, I'm looking forward to it on April 22nd.}

[MP3] Mark Ronson feat. Phantom Planet & Blaq Poet :: Just (DJ Premier Remix)
{Like Will Ferrell in Zoolander, you could say that Mark Ronson "is so hot right now". Everything he's touched has turned to gold grammys. I like how the Primo sound is incorporated into the original...gotta keep the horns.}

[MP3] Fleetwood Mac :: You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix Remix)
{I've loved the Mac since I saw this live. I'm really feeling this.}

[MP3] Kanye West :: Hey Mama (Grammy Remix)
{Everyone has seen it. This is the studio version of it.}

[MP3] D'Angelo :: She's Always In My Hair
{It's rare when a cover is actually better than the original, especially if it's by somebody like Prince, but then maybe that's why he didn't really release it before.}

[MP3] Prince :: She's Always In My Hair
{Just in case.}

Care for your kids like you care for your records (maybe not).


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