Friday, March 07, 2008

The "G" Stands For "Gettin' Old"

I have to admit that the first time I saw this, I was worried, upset, etc. that Snoop had gone the way that many in hip-hop do...wack. Trying to relate dem youngin's can and often does backfire on artists, especially in the fickle hip-hop world. You try to grow as an artist and many times your older fans don't dig the changes (aka "he's sold his soul" or "What happened to Tribe's sound, what happened to Midnight Marauders?") and the young kids don't really dig the old sound or themes of getting older. Well, Snoop done good. With his latest effort, Ego Trippin' (officially drops March 11th), I was pleasantly surprised as Snoop was able to maintain this delicate balance. Sure, it's not "187 on and undercover cop" but if a man who's almost in his 40's is still talkin' that, then somethings terribly wrong. Snoop Dogg is still a 'G', there's just a different gangsta here, a more mature gangsta here.

[MP3] Snoop Dogg :: Press Play
{DJ Quik production. Another true West Coast 'G'.}
[MP3] Snoop Dogg :: Dez Hollywood Nights
[MP3] Snoop Dogg :: Those Gurlz
{Game recognize game.}
[MP3] Snoop Dogg :: Why Did You Leave Me
[MP3] Snoop Dogg feat. Uncle Charlie :: Can't Say Goodbye
{With production by Teddy Riley and Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band on the hook, you can't loose.}

Snoop's site

Even a 'G' gets old.


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