Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor of Love (Fresh Out The Box 0.5)

I'm writing this as I take a quick break from sweatin' all over the grill, I thought Labor Day weekend was about relaxing? So this will be short and sweet like this lemonade break. Above is the video for 1 of my favorite jams off the latest Common album Finding Forever, "Drivin' Me Wild". Love the baller cameos (Baron reppin'!).

And bellow are a few of my favorite new Kanye West joints off the highly-anticipated (what is 50 Cent yappin' about?...none chance, none) Graduation album (officially drops 9/11).

[MP3] Kanye West :: Glory
[MP3] Kanye West :: I Wonder
{I wonder what this song would have sounded like if Kanye would have really put a flow over it.}
[MP3] Kanye West :: Everything I Am

Overall, I think the album is not that strong...it doesn't hit me like the previous 2. Maybe I'm expecting too much, I do feel the songs I posted, but right now I can't say it's gonna take Common's slot in the rotation.

Even though I'm laboring over Labor Day, I'm definitely looking forward to a break next week watching Mr. Wonder-ful in concert...finally. I always wished I was a Cosby kid.



Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

What's up fellers.

Great video. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't seen it yet since all I watch these days on MTV is Real World....(yes...pathetic...but I'm not down with TRL video pickin's...and say what you will, but at the very least Real World makes for nice eye candy!).

I'm gonna have to steal that video for my own blog! ;-)

Anyways I also listened through that K.West album and man, what a disappointment. I too had very high expectations...which may have been an influence...but what happened?!

The "Stronger" single made me think that Kanye was going to start stretching a bit creatively...maybe do a futuristic riff on his soulful productions...but all we get is some pseudo-mature hip-hop. He decided to go in the more "mature" directions Nas and Jay-Z took on their last album...which is particularly sad considering I felt both of those albums were disappointing. Like you said, at least we have the Common "Finding Forever" album...


12:41 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

It's always nice to catch up with homies through the blog world. I don't mind MC's trying to go the mature route per se, it worked great on Jay-Z's "Blueprint" and I do like the fact that some of these artists are trying to grow, since I can't see myself listening to too much "new/current" hip-hop when I'm in my 30's and above unless I can relate to some of these guys on more than just a "bling" basis. Then again, I can't truthfully say that I could ever really relate to Ice Cube's "Death Certificate" album growing up in the suburbs...but that sh*t bumps!!!

5:45 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Something to look forward to?
A new standard in hip-hop:

9:21 PM  

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