Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Travellin' Man

Like ‘Pac used to say, “What do you mean you don’t know…I get around”, I’m on the road again…this time across the Pacific to Japan. I CAN’T WAIT TO HIT THOSE RECORD STORES UP IN SHIBUYA!!! Y’all better GET OUT DA WAY, GET OUT DA WAY!!! Anyways, here are some of my favorite songs to bump to when strollin’ through the streets of Tokyo.

[MP3] Lunch Time Speax :: Man Track
[MP3] Schadaraparr :: DubiDu What?

{The Beastie Boys of Japan. Truly one of the first groups to do hip-hop in Japan. They should really have their own post…in time. Here's a favorite video as well.}
[MP3] Mos Def :: Shinjiro
{I thought if I put up either “Travellin’ Man” versions, it’d be too obvious. Besides I was more in a DJ Krush kind of mood.}
[MP3] Dev Large :: Fantasia (Dirty Raw Bobo James Remix)
{This is the type of illness that you can only find in Japon.}
[MP3] Supercar :: A.O.S.A.
{The Japanese Radiohead. They should also have their own post…sorry banner, I mean they should have another post.}
[MP3] M-flo feat. Namie Amuro :: Luvotomy
{The best of both worlds. Amuro’s Sweet 16 Blues cover was the equivalent to Janet Jackson’s janet for teenage boys everywhere. Anyways, I can’t wait to see M-flo in concert in Yokohama!!! Another group that deserves their own post. Here’s a couple of my favorite videos too.}

Asian Kung Fu Generation gets some love here too. Even though their music doesn't really do it for me, I love this video...totally feels like something Michel Gondry or Spike Jonze could have done.

Also, welcome aboard Debstar, it’s always nice to have someone else point out banner’s flaws.



Blogger bruce banner said...

flaws!?!?!??! what @#%@#$ing flaws?!!?!?!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Anger management class buddy.

1:48 PM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

@#%@ that shit. where's the asian kung fu mp3s? i like.

10:48 PM  
Blogger doctashock said...

I'm feelin' the love around these parts

11:06 PM  

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