Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Good, Bad & Ugly

This was taken on LA's 405 freeway at 6pm. Swear to god it wasn't in some forest. Beautiful, isn't it?

First, The Ugly
It's only Wednesday and already had two 30 second encounters that went a little something like this.

Him: Hey, so, where you from?
Me: Me? I'm from here. In LA. Like mid-city.
Him: Nawww (exasperated sigh) I mean, like, where are your parents from?
Me: Ugh. (walk away)

I'm just wondering when peeps are gonna realize that question is like me asking a complete stranger I just met, "Hey, so, how many inches are you down there?" As in, both question should be filed in the "None of yer damn business" category of common sense. If you think that he was "just trying to be friendly," please re-read the previous sentence. Or proceed if you just don't get it. (And yes, this is just a random unrelated rant. Move along.)

The Bad
Bad cuz I'm jetting off to Minneapolis and NY for the next week, and I'll be missing these upcoming shows in Los Angeles. But it's pure goodness for you though - you lucky party people you. If anyone knows of dope events or spots in either of these cities where I'll be lurking around, please holla!

July 26 Thursday :: Stevie Wonder & Macy Gray at BB King's in Universal Citywalk
July 29 Sunday :: Guru's Jazzmatazz at El Rey
July 29 Sunday :: Project Blowed's (Sis)tem Mixtape Release Party at Copacabana

AND (are you paying attention?!?) a free in-store at my favorite place to get dusty - 33 Third - featuring a certain hip hop artist whose name rhymes with "ramen." More info here . Believe it.

The Good
Does it get any better than Brasilintime? I'm not sure. If you haven't heard by now, Brasilintime is what happens you throw our best turntablists together with world-class American and Brazilian drummers. Yeah, it's pure chaos. But samba style - the kind of frenetic energy that leaves you feeling all spiritual. I almost packed my shit and moved to Brazil after watching that last 30 minute sequence. It was a sensory overload. But I just came home and downloaded these joints that were featured in the film instead. It'll have to do until I get to go dig in Brazil one of these days.

[MP3] Black-Eyed Peas :: Fallin Up
will.i.am sampled Jorge Ben's Comanche for this track.
[MP3] Jorge Ben :: Capoeira
[MP3] Stan Getz + Astrud Gilberto :: Girl From Ipanema

And finally, peep this amazing Dilla tribute also from Mochilla Films. It features Pharcyde's
Runnin where Dilla sampled Stan Getz's Suadade Vem Correndo.

It really is bigger than hip hop...


Blogger doctashock said...

Damn this infernal night shift schedule. I found out about the Brasilintime premier the day of and it's not like I got too many days off left to toy around with anyways.

You mean I'm supposed to get offended when random ladies ask me how many inches I got down there? That's usually my best chance at making a memorable first impression. (I hope in this case the sarcasm from a complete stranger is obvious even over the internet)

11:45 PM  
Blogger travis said...

sweet picture, I don't even remember seeing trees in LA.

Tough luck on that Stevie Wonder show, I'd love to see that. I'm just happy to be (hopefully) seeing Al Green, BB King and Etta James next week.

2:41 PM  

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