Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Get Downnn Summer Cookout

It’s officially mid-summer now. And if you haven’t been to at least one bbq and one bonfire at Dockweiler Beach, now is the time to rally the homies. We here at Get Downnn would love to host a summertime bash for all 9 of our loyal readers, but unfortunately, we neither have the willpower to organize such a thing nor have the money to pay for ringers to attend such an event. So please accept in its place - an e-summertime musical cookout of sorts. Kick up your feet and enjoy a nice cold brew of whatever you got in your fridge, cuz here we go…

Summertime jams are lifesavers for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be scampering around the globe every goddamn weekend (Refer to Hippo’s post below and proceed to glare at him). Hell, the most traveling I do is down the 405 freeway everyday, and where would I be without music in my sorry-ass-excuse-of-a-vehicle to drown out the bitter thoughts in my head? Oh, that’s right – I’d be called Bruce Banner.

My three picks for cruising down Pico, windows rolled down, the hot Santa Ana wind blowing in your face, eyeing the Oki Dog stand and wondering whether you should pull over:

[MP3] William DeVaughn :: Be Thankful for What You Got
[MP3] Floetry :: Floetic
[MP3] Tribe Called Quest :: Bonita Applebum (Hootie Remix )



My question is, who rolls down Pico WITHOUT stopping by Oki Dog ?!?! I mean, a chili burger, big bag of fries, and horchata for $4.75!? All made to order by two Japanese homies and that spazzy Peruvian girl Sandy. Hippo may have nearly died after finishing an entire Oki Dog, but it's still the tastiest heart attack wrapped in a tortilla you'll find anywhere...good times. The best thing is, after you're done gorging yourself, you can jaywalk across the street and hit up 33 1/3 and dig up gems like a slightly worn 89 cent Nina Simone Live album or $1.99 Jodeci , or better yet, be like debstar and flirt your way to $15 off your purchase.

[MP3] Black Milk :: Sound the Alarm
This is one joint you have to straight bump. No listening to this without your speakers on blast and that subwoofer kicking. "Sound the Alarm" is the banger that will set the party off with a chunky, grizzly beat and head noddin' flows.
[MP3] Fat Joe :: The Shit is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
This one is far from new, but if Premier isn't the truth, I don't know who is. Forget about what Common said about finding the new Primo in Kanye, his sound is straight untouchable (check out Common's "The People" if you're confused about what I'm talking about).
[MP3] Q-Tip :: Say Something For Me.
THE panty-dropping hip hop joint of the summer.
[MP3] Hieroglyphics :: Make Your Move (feat. Goapele)
Ok, I know this one is 4 years
old, but I just discovered it (on a homie's MySpace page, thanks, SON!!!). I don't know how I slept on it, but with an easy beat and with Goapele on the hook, this one is perfect for nite time cruising.

|bruce banner|


So I get the call from banner saying I need to put some songs up before I leave, so I'm literally doing this post on my Iphone (good thing I don't have to make a call on this thing) as I get ready to board a plane...so it's short and sweet. For some reason, I always equate summer jams with ol' skool. Without further ado, here are my summer jams (limited to an 8GB library) :

[MP3] Def Tech :: High On Life
For all the Japanese beach BBQs I'm about to have! KANPAI!
[MP3] Bobby Caldwell :: Kalimba Song/My Flame
To cool off to.
[MP3] Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm :: Getting Nasty
Did I mention BBQs?
[MP3] Zapp :: Be Alright
For cruisin' down any blvd. with the top up, windows down and AC on full.
[MP3] War :: Summer
Is it even possible to have a post on summer songs, without this? I don't think so. Best ol' skool summer jam ever.

Favorite summer movie? Without a doubt.


Blogger debstar said...

Oh and please add "snazzy new Iphone" to the reasons for my look of disgust towards H.

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