Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pono: On a More Positive Tip

Matsumoto's Shave Ice in North Shore - a local institution!

I was out in Oahu for a convention this week, which was of course spent ditching most of the workshop sessions for the beautiful beaches and eating at all the local holes. During one of my trips out to a secluded spot out near Mililani, the local surfers dropped some knowledge about the Hawaiian way of living. One of their values is the word "pono," and they described it as being in balance with your life, giving to others (even strangers) without questioning whether it'll come back to you, because things always come back around when you're in need. It's also about righting the things that are disrupting the balance in your life, even getting rid of things that you don't need to create this harmony - the eventual goal to create balance in all aspects of yourself.

The concept of pono had me thinking about all the consumerism that goes on these days, especially in mainstream hip hop, where fools will drop $500 for a BAPE hoodie that will match their kicks. Not that I'm about to soapbox about hip hop and consumerism, but being in Hawaii where the best things are FREE and enjoyed by everyone (namely, the ocean), it was refreshing to be blessed by the local attitudes. Just kickin it in flip-flops and a bikini, listening to the mellow grooves of the Hawaiian island music, and getting a smile and a "Hey how's it goin" from random folks. Yeah, I'm doing real good right about now... even though I swallowed a crapload of saltwater after being thrown from my surfboard one too many times.

Here are some jams from the local island and reggae music stations that I was bumping the whole week. All positive sounds by local artists. And by the way, hearing reggae on a radio station is a trip, but definitely in a good way!

[MP3] Lukie D :: Missing You Like Crazy
[MP3] Fiji :: Morning Ride
[MP3] Fiji :: Tequila Sunrise
[MP3] Opihi Pickers :: Beautiful Ladies
[MP3] Katchafire :: Color Me Life

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Blogger Hugh Knight said...

I know you had to have hit Zippy's! I never seen spaghetti made with chili before! Box lunches at the rainbow...

Katchafire kills it out on the islands. BUT they are from New Zealand. I did a show with them last week in Cali, and it was funny to see island boys with english accents...

Lukie D is from JA.

Fiji is the most murderous singer out there. Also check for Humble Soul!!! (He got an album mixed by the legendary Scientist)

Come check me out
Party at 45 RPM

10:55 AM  
Blogger debstar said...

sweeeeet! yeah i was never really in the loop on those artists til i was in hawaii this time around.

where in ca was the show? is katchafire touring?

5:43 PM  
Blogger Hugh Knight said...

San Diego. They did a tour out here up and down the coast...

Bless Up...
Party At 45 RPM

4:01 PM  

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