Tuesday, September 11, 2007

50 Cent Vs. Kanye West

As requested by the Get Downnn crew, I'm back. Love me or hate me Muttpop Bob is here to stay.

The day has arrived: 50 Cent Vs. Kanye West! The Gangsta Vs. The College Dropout. The guy who got shot 9 times Vs. the guy who survived a near fatal car crash. The guy who brags about all the money he's got Vs. the guy who brags about all the money he's got. Who will win?! Who will lose?!

No matter what happens I'm sure both of these guys will be alright financially. It would have been awesome if 50 Cent stayed true to his original promise (50 claimed that he'd retire from doing albums if K.West's "Graduation" album outsold his "Curtis" album)...but 50 Cent has long since backed off from his threat/promise.

Through the advancements of modern technology, I had the benefit of listening to both albums before purchase. The verdict?

I was initially disappointed with "Graduation" (see my pissy post in Mista Hippo's previous Kanye post). It was far mellower than I expected. After hearing "Stronger" I thought that Kanye was going to do some crazy Timbaland/El-P futurist beats on this album. And despite plenty of references to "Back To The Future", sonically this album was closer to "Back To The Future" Part 1 instead of Part 2 (bummer...). Fortunately, now that I've had some time to let my preconceptions go, I'm starting to really get into it.

50 Cent's "Curtis" is, sadly, what I expected: mediocre on all levels. 50 Cent's delivery has become monotone and repetitive. Production is awkward and forgettable (Justin Timberlake DOES NOT go well with 50 Cent). The only track I enjoy is "Get Money" (seen below).

So during lunch today, I placed my vote by purchasing some Kanye (it helps that the beautiful package design was done by Takashi Murakami!). Kanye, if you want to make a Murakami Bear Vinyl, give Muttpop Bob a holler!


Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

50 Cent "Get Money"


Blogger Mista Hippo said...

And he's not just doing this out of the kindness of his heart...we gave him a huge signing bonus. Welcome back MB!

1:17 PM  

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