Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday!

If you're like most working people, Wednesdays are probably to worst day of the week next to Monday. Middle of the week, still have two days to go, the weekend is almost there...but not really. I wish I lived in a place like Spain or Singapore, where they allow workers to take 15-30 minute naps as part of the work day. The US is not slacking enough in the department! Anyways, this Wednesday was a bit nicer, cause I found some new gems that I've been looking for. I hope you enjoy them on this wonderful Wednesday as much as I do...for the Exclusive Heads out there.

[MP3] White Stripes :: Icky Thump
{If this doesn't make you want to riot, then you are clinically dead and don't care that the White Stripes drops 6/18}
[MP3] White Stripes :: 300 MPH Torrential Outpoor Blues
[MP3] White Stripes :: Conquest
{Wa-wa-wiwa! I like bery much!}

[MP3] Polyphonic Spree :: We Crawl
[MP3] Polyphonic Spree :: Watch Us Expolode (Justify)
{This is got to cheer away those Wednesday blues...could even be used for a Monday. The Fragile Army 6/19. A must buy.}

[MP3] Beastie Boys :: Suco De Tangerina
[MP3] Beastie Boys :: Freaky Hijiki
[MP3] Beastie Boys :: Dramastically Different
{The Boys return to form, for me, with this all instrumental album The Mix-Up (officially drops 6/26). I just wish they'd spit over some of these tracks, but I like this sound much better than there "electronic" sound off the last album. Keeping my fingers crossed that the next album will be in the like of Check Your Head or Ill Communication.}

[MP3] Pharoahe Monch feat. Showtyme & MeLa Machinko :: Push
{A GOD of rap has come down to bless us all again with Desire on 6/26}
[MP3] Pharoahe Monch :: Welcome To The Terrordome
[MP3] Pharoahe Monch :: So Good
{Wa-wa-wiwa...2 times!!}

[MP3] Common feat. Bilal :: Black Maybe
{Another GOD of rap has come down to bless us all again on 7/31 with Finding Forever}
[MP3] Common :: Misunderstand



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