Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Mix

To me posting "mixtape" posts, where the blogger usually just throws up a bunch of songs, is an excuse for being lazy. Well that's really not the case here. I've only done a handful of "mixtape" posts and even though there is no direct connecting theme whatsoever at times, it really gives us a good chance to put up some songs that I've wanted to post for a long, long time...& that are all bada$. I hope you enjoy them.

[MP3] Dntel :: To A Fault
{If you love Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie, then this is for you.}
[MP3] Joanna Newsom :: Monkey & Bear
{I went to the Bay this past weekend to see Bjork. Of course, she was great as expected, but I became a new fan of her opening act, Joanna Newsom.}

[MP3] Bob Dylan :: Wigwam
{A real close glimpse of what Bob Dylan's singing style is really all about.}
[MP3] Maroon 5 :: Nothing Last Forever
{The "sample" that Kanye West used on "Heard 'Em Say".}
[MP3] Cat Stevens :: Here Comes My Baby
[MP3] Lou Courtney :: Hey Joyce
{I think I may have already posted this before, but I mean, hey come on, it's that dope.}
[MP3] Will.i.am feat. Phife :: Nah Mean
[MP3] Pelican City :: The Beach
{Dedicated to those bada$$e$ that have died for this country and others.}

Dipset salutes you.


Anonymous Zilla Rocca said...

Where is that Maroon 5 song from, their new album?

I liked Kanye's use of that melody better.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...


11:55 PM  

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