Thursday, May 17, 2007

Better than Fried Chicken and Beer

What more can be said about Nas that hasn't been said already? He's an emcee's emcee, a backpacker favorite, a critic favorite, QB's finest, and a hip hop icon. That aside, I have to say I'm always impressed more by his lesser known songs than his classics. Don't get me wrong, most of Nas' staples are untouchable, but to me, some of these remixes have me setting Illmatic aside.

The first time I heard "Holy Ghosts," off of a DJ Dirty Harry mixtape, I was sucked into Nas' storytelling rhymes, then nearly lost it when Styles P. starting spitting one of the smoothest flows I've ever heard. As ill as Nas is, this is one track where he just gets outshined. And as bulletproof as Illmatic is, the Tapekingz's remix of "Life's a Bitch" laces a classic with a less gritty beat that still works and keeps your head nodding. The last track is Nas over a sublime Weldon Irvine sample featuring Tony Starks. You don't need me to tell you that
Nas + Ghost + Weldon Irvine = nutter butter.

[MP3] Nas :: Holy Ghosts (feat. Styles P.)
[MP3] Nas :: Life's Still a Bitch (Remix feat. AZ)

[MP3] Nas :: If This World Were Mine (feat. Ghostface)

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ps. thanks to kangbang for the Tapekingz remix.


Blogger Lady D said...

nice blog...
is the linkin the newest one?
i've add your blog in my technorati fav..

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Blogger Mista Hippo said...

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Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Thanks for the love! Yes, the Linkin' Park post is their latest and greatest release. Hope you continue to check us out...you're not related to Ms. DS by any chance?

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