Thursday, June 21, 2007

NY On My Mind

It's sad and pathetic that some of us, like myself, use Hallmark holidays to take the time to show those that we love our appreciation. Well that's the boat I'm in with the time I have. So to celebrate this past Father's Day, the fam decided to show how much we appreciate all that he has done (nobody's perfect) and fulfill one of his childhood dreams. We took a little weekend trip to New York to see the Mets play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, something that my pops has wanted to do since his baseball days and before they tear down The House That Ruth Built with probably some gaudy/modern/corporate monstrosity. We all had a great time and will probably make it a father's day tradition to check out different baseball teams on their home turf.

With all that being said, there is not a better soundtrack for NYC, than Talib Kweli's new gem Ear Drum, set to drop 7/24. Make sure you pick it up cause track for track (with all-star production from Kanye West, Just Blaze, Madlib, Pete Rock, Hi-Tek, Will.I.Am, etc.) it's Kweli's best album to date.

[MP3] Talib Kweli :: Hostile Gospel
{Can you tell that this is a Just Blaze blazer?}
[MP3] Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones :: Soon The New Day
{I was a little nervous with the overall production of Kweli's album, after Hi-Tek departed, but it seems like Madlib and him push each other to some their best work.}
[MP3] Talib Kweli :: Electrify
{Soul Brother #1 let's you ride that beat out.}
[MP3] Talib Kweli :: Hell

Kweli has a blog too

[MP3] The Police :: Every Breath You Take (Acoustic Version)
{I had the privledge to see the Police in concert yesterday and even though they are a little older and slower, and at times it did seem like the last time they played together was 25 years ago, it was something I don't regret doing.}

With all that's happened with your health these past few years, we are just glad you're still with us pops.


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