Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mellowing Out the Weekend

Mondays are back-to-the-grind days. Wednesdays are hump days. Saturdays are party days. And then there's Sundays. Sundays seem to be the unspoken yet universally understood day for peace and lovin'. It's the day for decompressing from a good weekend - staying in bed for one more hour tangled up in the sheets with your lover, listening to some Al Green, until you finally roll out of bed to go catch brunch with the girls and grub on a three-egg omelette drowned in ketchup, while gossiping about what went down on Friday and Saturday night. Mmm... yes, I do love Sundays. Don't you?

Lighter Shade of Brown barbecues at the park and K-os prefers Sundays to Saturdays in his joint Sunday Morning. And those needing to get a little more party out of their system always have the Do-Over party at Crane's in Hollywood. Hip hop heads everywhere are riding the magic of the Sunday morning tip that soul and blues artists have always been on. So, lest we forget, here are also some oldies to remind us how they did it back in the day. Maybe this is what we all need a little more of. Decompress and cruise along everyone.

[MP3] K-os :: Sunday Morning
[MP3] Etta James :: Sunday Kind of Love
[MP3] Commodores :: Easy Like Sunday Morning


Blogger doctashock said...

I have as of yet to hit up a Do-Over gig, but I've been planning to at some point for a minute now.

Is the Get Downnn crew gonna be in the house? If so I think introductions should be in order.

11:13 PM  
Blogger debstar said...

I've never been either but wanted to check it out sometime soon. Maybe next Sunday? And if not, there's always O-dub's gig at Mandrake that I'm definitely planning to hit up.

1:09 PM  

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