Sunday, September 24, 2006

Senior Citizens (We Reminisce)

Just met up with a buddy from high school that I hadn’t seen in years, good times today. We met up recently at our high school reunion this past summer. You know you’re getting old when 1/2 of your friends are married and 1/3 of them have kids. It’s always good to see old faces and reminisce about a more carefree time in our lives. Mentioned the blog to a few of my old compadres there and if any of y’all is checking it out right now, BIG UPS and let’s get together soon to grab something to eat or play ball.

Anyways as I was sitting at my reunion listening to the DJ spin some “old school” tunes (what's considered "old school" nowdays anyways...what, Boyz II Men?), it made me wonder what are some of my favorite “reminisce-type” hip-hop songs. Here are three that I could come up with (any other suggestions?):

[MP3] Ahmad :: Back in the Day
{The remix was so dope that it replaced the original as a standard of classic hip-hop, but I thought I’d keep it interesting with the dope original version that doesn’t get the due it deserves. For the Westcoast G’s out there.}
[MP3] Pigeon John :: Growin' Old

{A track off his recently released Pigeon John And The Summertime Pool Party. Pick it up if you haven’t already. A feel-good album. See my post on him “Speakin’ Pigeon”.}
[MP3] Tupac :: Old Skool

{Another classic for the true Ol’ Skool G’s out there. Miss ya’ Pac!}
[MP3] Pete Rock and CL Smooth :: They Reminisce Over You

{The mother of all hip-hop reminisce-type tracks. How could I not include it. Decided to go with Pete Rock’s remix version to keep things interesting and it’s almost as good as the original classic. Thanks to those of you who sent it in, I actually ended up finding my 12” copy after all…moving is a bizznatch!}



Anonymous doctashock said...

Once again the grind has kept me busy as of late, but I thought I'd take a moment to say waddup to my get down peoples. I also went to see the Banksy exhibit and was definitely impressed with how much meaning the man can put into one solitary image.

I'll be catching Beck at the LA Weekly Detour Festival on the 7th along with a bunch of other people I'm looking forward to. Last night was Massive Attack at the Bowl. Definitely up there in my top 5 bands I've seen live. I was fortunate enough to cop a couple box seats for that one.

My blog is scheduled to go up on the 1st. That means I have a lot of stuff to get done this week. I'm also having a house party this weekend too, so it looks like the coffee pot is gonna be getting quite a bit of use between now and then.

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YO HIPPO? What the hell type of name is that. Anyways, Ted said I should check out the blog that you're doing since I missed you at the reunion. Sweet as. That Ahmad track definately brings it back for me. What about some Naughty By Nature? They was the shit too. Anyways, Ill hit up your email and let's kick it with some of the girls too.

- J

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, this site is pretty cool but where's the gangsta rap?!?!! You little wanna-be thug. I used to kick your ass back in the day and still can punk. Seriously, BIG UPS...C-HOUSE!!!


8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro, I just got off my shift and I was looking for some old skool music and low and behold I find the blog your were talking about...FUCKIN' TRIPPY!!! Anyways, good shit and I'll be checking it anytime I want to steal some music! I hope your games gotten better than when we used to ball in high school. You thought you were MJ, but your game was gorilla like Pat Ewing!


1:34 AM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

hey docta, lookin forward to checkin out your blog, that shit better not be better than ours, or we'll be assed out of our daily 3 visitors.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Wow, quit a bit of dialogue goin' on here! Here's what I got to say:
+To the Docta - Good luck bro, let us know when it launches and thanks for continuing to come back.
+To the old HS crew. Thanks for the love. And to Jerome, yo mama looks like Patirck Ewing in a wig and bathrobe!

6:54 PM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

oh, docta, one more thing: don't use exarchive, it's always down and is SLOWWW.

10:20 AM  

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