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Los Angeles based Pharcyde 1992 debut album “Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” is an absolute classic. From beginning to end, it is one of the finest albums that I have ever listened to. The sound was so profound that it single handedly started my casual pursuits of all things hip-hop. But unlike most bits of nostalgia, the Pharcyde’s “Bizarre Ride” has grown more wondrous with years of age.

It’s a damn shame that Producer J-Swift left the group at the tail end of producing “Bizarre Ride”. His jazzy productions were filled with playful energy and emotion.

Emcees Fatlip, Imani, Slimkid3, and Bootie Brown all have their moments to shine. Clever word play, excellent deliveries, masterful storytelling and a brilliant sense of humor kept songs moving with grace and charm.

My favorite track is “On the DL” (hip hop + xylophone = nirvana). Excellent rhymes by everyone involved. My favorite is by Booty Brown.

Accounts of “stroking knot” have never been more exquisite:

I woke up in the morning to a girl whose butt's soft.
Gotta brush my teeth. Clean my nuts off.
Put on the gear that I'm a wear throughout my day.
But before I take a shower I ain't ashamed to say
When I think of the night before, and the heat of passion:
Your big brown booty, my mind starts flashin'.
I'm lookin' in the mirror with my cock on rock.
Should I pursue to do you or just stroke my knot?
While my girl is asleep, I'm caught in a jam.
Went to the bathroom with cocoa-butter in my hand.
Closed the door behind me. Locked it very tight.
Thinkin' of all the naughty things we did last night.
Slipped out my underoos, sat on the toilet bowl,
And let the hand I hold the mike with take control!
Closed my eyes tight so it would seem more real.
I'm thinkin' about the crazy ways you made me feel.
As my thoughts get deeper and a little more intense…
If you don't know what comes next, well you're just too dense!

[MP3] Pharcyde :: On the DL

Muttpop Bob


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Blogger Muttpop Bob said...

Poor ol' Fatlip... ;-)

I highly recommend the Spike Jonze video collection DVD. A great little documentary on Fatlip. A great bit about his verse on "Oh Shit!"....

-Muttpop Bob

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