Sunday, August 31, 2008


From that to this and now:

[MP3] New Kids On The Block feat. New Edition :: Full Service

Maybe it's time for Marky Mark to bring the real back.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

All Respect Due

I know this post is late in coming, but I did want to make sure we pay our respects to the late Isaac Hayes. Aside from his well known hits, Hayes was a skilled songwriter who penned one of my favorite songs, "Hold On, I'm Comin'". As any hip hop head who digs up breaks will also add, Isaac Hayes has been sampled like no other, no doubt owing to his rich, intricate compositions. I was lucky enough to see him perform a year back at the Stax Records show at the Hollywood Bowl, and it was unforgettable to see and hear him, and in particular, sing "Walk on By" so poignantly. RIP.

[MP3] Isaac Hayes :: Walk on By
[MP3] Isaac Hayes :: Our Day Will Come

|bruce banner|


Is it just me or does it seem that every time banner sees a living legend perform, they end up 6 feet under in a year or two? Case in point, James Brown and now Black Moses. Coincidence...I just hope I see Aretha and Reverend Al before he does (tighten up the security y'all, he looks like a green Asian). I digress. I really didn't know what soul music could be until I heard an Isaac Hayes record. I was always down for that funky groove that the likes of JB, Parliament, etc. put down, but it wasn't until I heard the lush symphonies that Isaac put on top of them, that I was truly born with a soul. He didn't just make tracks, he made epic music. Part of the foundation of the legendary Stax soul music, he will be greatly missed.

[MP3] Isaac Hayes :: Joy
{Doesn't get more epic than this.}
[MP3] Isaac Hayes :: Runnin' Out Of Fools
[MP3] DJ Wonder :: Isaac Hayes Tribute Mix

And let's not forget this.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Common Sense?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Come Bearing Gifts!!!

Just got back from Da Muthaland, readjusting to the time and getting back in to the groove of things. Overall, it was a great trip. Saw a bunch of old friends, celebrated a friend's bachelor's party and even had a chance to do some real estate research. Ate plenty of good grub and was even able to hit up DJ Muro's favorite record spot in Kobe and the Nujabes record store in Shibuya. Even got to meet with the Ron Jeremy of Japan (see pic above). With that, here are a few finds that I picked up while I was out there.


Friday, August 22, 2008

hip hop is NOT dead.

my whack ass montage from rock the bells 2008, L.A style.

please enjoy, dont get jealous =)

"she said, it'll be good if you stay with me tonight, so i granted her a wish" -- pharcyde


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Future Is Now

{Saw this at a Bjork show a year ago and have always wondered what the deal is with this. I want one.}


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Somebody Beats The Biz!

I wish I had $3 million.  Maybe Nigo or somebody can pick it up.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

P.I.C. "Old Sole"

I know this came out a minute ago, but I've been busy and lazy and those two are never a good combination. Anyways, if you've checked out this blog before, you've probably heard of P.I.C., and know I'm a big fan of theirs...so without any further yapping on my part, here's yet another dope production by P.I.C.'s own Steven Mallorca (aka Sulu).

|bruce banner|

RIP Isaac Hayes...more on him to come...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mudd Butt

This summer has been one of weddings for me. Which really means, one full of bachelors parties. My liver is paying the price for this I'm sure. You gotta love this guy's impression of Ol' Dirty. But let the good times continue...E here I come, I hope Japan can hold us! Unko Crew back in the building!

[MP3] Ayatollah :: Charlie Is Brown
{Not really related, but how can you beat a remix of "Linus and Lucy", aka the theme from Peanuts. Butt the title is related, go ahead and zoom in on my boy's sleeves.}

^sidenote^ - banner went from MILFs to baby mamas...you thought I wouldn't find out?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

ILL beats son`

so freddie joachim, a familiar face in the music industry, and if you dont know him, well you should. mo'fucker is an awesome producer and dj, his sounds are upbeat and `ill. he's work with a handful of artists, to name a few, lauren santiago, choice37, kev brown, SD based MC Son of Ran, and the list goes on. I’m more of a beat lover than the words, so I get hella impressed when I hear the beats of dope producers. Check him out.

Freddie Joachim Official Site

Freddie Joachim Myspace

and 2 dope tracks i'm sure you'd enjoy.

[MP3]Freddie Joachim :: Uptight remix

[MP3] Freddie Joachim:: Grand Design

im signing out, "baby everything is alright"

Friday, August 01, 2008


Happy Friday everyone!!!

Well it's officially the weekend. I'm feeling quite nice after drinking 151. Thus I feel like shitting on people this evening. In this inebriated state of drunken honesty, I will touch upon the topic of a certain demographic that we encounter when we are out and about town partying, dancing, drinking, etc... I will be discussing on the demographic of "douche," or "douchebags."

A "douchebag" is a metrosexual of any race/color who clings onto tacky fads, maintains a somewhat gangsta persona, comes from an affluent background, and is frequently seen in clubs, bars, and lounges posing, and dancing like a dumb jock at a frat party. These are the same douchebags that show up to your favorite hip-hop show, DJ set, and clubnight, not knowing anything about the DJ and the tracks that the DJ is spinning. They are simply taking up space and air and incessantly bumping into you while they hop around with drinks.

Oftentimes, a douchebag is seen wearing wack garments by Ed Hardy,Affliction, and Christian Audigier. Douchebags frequently wear "rock" and "biker" t-shirts, and long-sleeve tees that are glittery. Douchebags wear dress shirts with flower-patterned stitches, and have medieval-letter embroidings. One of the most common/favorite jeans that douchebags wear are by True Religion (you know those uglyass jeans with back-pockets and pocketflaps bigger than your entire ass combined).

A douchebag is a hybrid of an euro-trash mixed with an ounce of jock and MMA/UFC. It is the modern day "guido." There are the "bridge-and-tunnel" douchebags from Jersey and Staten Island with uglyass cufflinks. There are the hairy Italian-wannabe Afghan douchebags from the DC area that consistently use hand gestures when talking while spreading armpit B.O at the clubs. There are Armenian and Persian douchebags in L.A wearing Tiesto T-shirts. Kids, trance is not cool anymore!!! It is 2008!!! There are black douchebags that are a cross-breed between Jim Jones and Taye Diggs. Confused bipolarass cats with chain hanging to the side of their jeans. Asian douchebags with Rock Republics, frosted spikes, and uglyass shades that they wear even during nighttime. Yes you know who you are. Always at 1015 Folsom and Le Circle... White Ryan Seacrest wannabe douchebags with perfectly sculpted hair that pose with "two fingers" hanging in front of Katsuya.

I'm sure you are asking yourself: Mr. Kangbang whats up with all this hate? What did these people ever do to you? And why is this topic even in this music blog? Well, besides polluting public nightlife spots in your local area with their unctuous used-car salesmen persona, douchebags listen to horrible music!!! Also, if they DO listen to good music, they totally kill the cool and underground factor by hopping on its dick like them Von DOUCHE trucker caps and tees.

To celebrate the douchebag lifestyle I am posting the ultimate douchebag anthem list:

Stronger by Kanye West

Any track by Chris Brown and Ray J