Sunday, August 03, 2008

ILL beats son`

so freddie joachim, a familiar face in the music industry, and if you dont know him, well you should. mo'fucker is an awesome producer and dj, his sounds are upbeat and `ill. he's work with a handful of artists, to name a few, lauren santiago, choice37, kev brown, SD based MC Son of Ran, and the list goes on. I’m more of a beat lover than the words, so I get hella impressed when I hear the beats of dope producers. Check him out.

Freddie Joachim Official Site

Freddie Joachim Myspace

and 2 dope tracks i'm sure you'd enjoy.

[MP3]Freddie Joachim :: Uptight remix

[MP3] Freddie Joachim:: Grand Design

im signing out, "baby everything is alright"


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