Saturday, June 05, 2010

Time Out: Happy 4th Birthday!


Snoop Dogg - Can't Say Goodbye (Featuring Charlie Wilson)

A lot done changed in the 4 years since we first started this ride. For 1, it seems like music blogs have come and gone, reinvented themselves, and straight jacked the game in process. GD was not immune from change, as we've gone from criminal minded to a video clip site, back again. It seems like the whole music blog scene has been on the decline and as such, we are going to take some time to reevaluate how to flip it and keep it fresh for you and us. So at this time, we are gonna take a little timeout. Hopefully we'll come back stronger with around the back jams. For those 10 of you who have been down since Day 1 and continue to follow us, arigato. And for those of you who give a sh*t, hit us up, & make sure no matter what, you continue to GETDOWNNN.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Night Fix (OVERDOSE 1): Cut Chemist Makes You Sick

Got shakes yet? If not, this dark mix by Cut Chemist will make you shake more than Flavor Flav. Click on the pic for the Sick Experiment.

Friday Night Fix (OVERDOSE 2): Kibbles N' Bits

DJ Apollo brings another fix with this mix of break beats. Apollo, an early mentor to DJ Qbert & Mixmaster Mike (& a founding member of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz), keeps it fresh while spinning the classics as well, so good it'll make your dogs start pop lockin'. Just click on the pic.

Friday Night Fix (OVERDOSE 3): The Best Part (J-Live)


That's right, to get you over your work-filled comatose, like any good dealer we give you an extra dose. This time 2. J-Live has always been a GD favorite here, I don't know if he can graff or break like he can rhyme or spin, but anybody who is wicked at half of the elements deserves props over here. Some of the best, most fun, mixes we've heard in some time. Click the pics for your fix.

Friday Night Fix (OVERDOSE 4): Who Own's Culture???


From the guys who inspired the likes of Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow, Double Dee & Steinski bring it hard with this mix. Now even though you may have heard the first half of this, a run through of their famous Lessons, from track 14 on, it will not disappoint. Just click on the pick and answer the question for yourself. Check in every hour for the next 3 if you want to OD.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

WITNESS (the bastardization continues)

I know it's all about Lakers/Celtics tonight, but this was so stupid/funny/sad that I had to post it. Glad to see Cleveland's politicians aren't wasting any valuable tax payer's money.