Friday, April 18, 2008

Radiohead for MVP

The NBA Playoffs start tomorrow.  With the crazy competitiveness of the Western Conference I can't wait (it feels like it's been the Playoffs these last few weeks with the Lakers finishing on top!).  I'm hoping for a Lakers vs. Celtics Finals. Well to get everyone hyped for the craziness the NBA has released a bunch of ads that feature two players, split screened, saying the same thing in sequence. It's doper than it sounds. Ads for basketball always tend to come correct and this is no disappointment. My favorite so far has been the Steve Nash vs. Jason Kidd one. Not only because of what these two veteran, future Hall of Famers, are saying or the fact that they both play the game in similar ways...setting the table. What really strikes me about this ad is the choice to use Radiohead's "House of Cards". Hearing of Nash's since he upset my Bruins back in the day when he had that fade at Santa Clara and really becoming a fan of his when he ran the point at Dallas with the dirty locks, I knew Nash was a huge Radiohead fan. That's part of the reason why I like him too. I don't think many ballers have heard Kid A. Oh yeah, and he dated Elizabeth Hurley. My other favorite ad...for personal reasons.



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