Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bow Down

Every once and a while a friend of mine from Japan will send me a "care package" of stuff. Usually it corresponds on a birthday, New Year's, etc. Lot's of snacks and sometimes a little something extra. Well this time, it came completely out of the blue and was packed full of goodness. Homeboy knows how much we love the Nujabes, so he really hooked it up this time! I can't bump this mix enough. And I guess this MC, Substantial, is making some big noise out in Japan, even though he's from Baltimore...go figure. He's got some crazy sh*t on Sacrifice. And finally, he hit me up some stuff to drive to...Snowden. Someone should use Anti-Anti for a movie. Anytime you're in town Killa Cowboy, holla!

[MP3] Nujabes :: RISTORANTE mix (Side A)
{If you dont' like this, something is terribly wrong with you. Side B.}
[MP3] Substantial :: Spaticus (Spit 4 Spat)
{If Too Short had a test tube baby with a young Timbaland & the baby was named Hyphy X.}
[MP3] Substantial :: QT (Quality Time)
{This beat is nice. I love the way it flips the horn. Substantial sounds like and Aesop Rock that I can understand without having to use Google.}
[MP3] Snowden :: Kill The Power



Blogger grant said...

that mixtape is ill.

5:13 PM  

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