Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hip Hop on Another Tip

After reading Hippo's latest post on some dope Japanese hip hop, I was reminded of lesser-known Japanese producer by the name of Nomak. Actually, when I say lesser-known, I mean I know nothing about him and can't find much additional information on him on the internet. In any case, what's important is the music, and if you like Nujabes or Japanese hip hop in general, I think you'll like Nomak. Like Jun Seba's production (of Nujabes), or actually, like a lot of Japanese hip hop, Nomak's beats feature slick production and a chilled out sound that's pretty distinct from what you'd hear in American hip hop. When you hear the beats, you'll know the difference, and that's something I like about Nujabes and Nomak - they're not trying to bite off American hip hop, but are more into creating a distinct and unique Japanese sound.

[MP3] Nomak :: Geishas in the Days (feat. Pismo)
[MP3] Nomak :: Rokkasho (feat. Shing02)
[MP3] Zion I :: Act Right (Nomak Remix)

ps. I know, I know, that's Shing02, not Nomak above, but I can't even find a picture of him.
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