Thursday, November 08, 2007

Respect Your Elders

It wasn't too long ago when the music your parents used to bump, was uncool, unhip...a la parents just don't understand (A classic. I actually tried to teach a class of Japanese Jr. High school students this song). But as you got older you learned that a lot of what was 'sampled' was from your parents record collections. Pretty soon you realized that the artists actually making the music have something a lot of the hip-hop cats don't have, something called longevity. And recently, fortunately for us 'kids', there seems to be a movement to have these artists continue to release new material. It could have started back when Johnny Cash first worked with Rick Rubin on American IV: The Man Comes Around. Y'all know how much of a Cash fan I am. One of the illest videos/songs ever came from that album. Since then it seems to have opened up a flood gate for these living legends producing new work, many times working with more 'current', yet legendary producers (ie Paul Simon with Brian Eno, Neil Diamond with Rubin as well, etc.). In today's culture, where everything seems to be emphasized on...well, today, don't forget to heed the wisdom of your elders. Just cause they're old don't make them wise, but they got stories to tell.

On a more personal note, this post goes out to a co-worker who recently lost his only child. There's nothing that can be said, like a lost to the family. Within the same breath though, my family has been blessed with 2 new additions coming. May will be an exciting month (Furious Furley Jr.? Watch out world!). This post is for those fallen and those coming. One word of advice, aging gracefully may be tough, but the old lady with the handbag is tougher. Thanks for Springsteen CD C-cholo!

[MP3] Bruce Springsteen :: Magic
[VIDEO] Paul McCartney :: Dance Tonight
{OG 'Office' heads will love this. The only 65 year old with an Ipod commercial? Full version here.}
[MP3] Neil Diamond :: Save Me A Saturday Night
{Hey, remember when Neil tried to be all futuristic? Like the Jewish Terminator...OH VEY! Is that the set from American Idol?}
[MP3] Paul Simon :: Everything About It Is A Love Song
[MP3] Bob Dylan :: Nettie Moore
[MP3] The Eagles :: Center Of The Universe

We rock like Paul McCartney from now until the last Beat'll drop.


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