Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cash Money Care Package

[Hippo's Note: I hope that those of you who check in with Getdownnn have been able to keep up with the amount of posts that have been flowing through here in the past month or so. I mean, there's even fighting over who gets to post what first. Hopefully we can keep the enthusiasm.]

A good buddy of mine recently sent me a birthday gift, but it was so big it was more like a care package. I met him when I was living in Japan and he's quite a unique character. Picture a Japanese cowboy who is an organic farmer & loves to spin hip-hop. Well, actually I take credit for exposing him to hip-hop. Part of what he sent me was a few DVDs. I don't know why he sent me them, cause I can get them here and it's much more expensive in Japan, plus factor in shipping costs and that they are Region 2, but nonetheless they're great gifts and luckily I have a multi-region DVD player.

First was the Best Of The Johnny Cash Show DVD, which is awesome. Here are some highlights that I could find on youtube:

{What a great song to begin with, then having Ray flip it?!!? Doesn't get sicker than that.}

{I wish they would have had a dueling banjos moment .}

{Before 'Ebony & Ivory' there was this.}

{Would you have expected to see this on The Johnny Cash Show? That's why Cash was so cool.}
Watching all of these, made me remember that I'm really looking forward to this movie.

Another DVD, was the Martin DVD set. For those of you who love Tracy Morgan/30 Rock, check out this clip.

{Lookin' a little heavy like Chubb Rock...I DON'T KNOW MAN, pickin' up those pieces!!!}

And I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I'm looking forward to watching the DJ Krush DVD.

Thanks 'Jack Twist' for the gifts (they'll lessen the torture on long flights) & don't forget to keep bangin' those Dr. Dre joints on your farm. Keep their heads ringin'!


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