Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Music Television (Not Ya Mamma's MTV)

Quite a few good videos/promos/interviews (aka "isn't Youtube great?") have come out recently:

{Radiohead continues the brilliance by having a there own live feed show on the internet at radiohead.tv. I think it's done for now, but some of the highlights have included some ill live covers of The Smiths, Bjork, New Order. Good ol' private TV.}

{Gorillaz will drop D-Sides, a compilation of all their b-sides, unreleased material, and remixes (by the likes of Hot Chip, Soulwax, etc.). Coming out at the end of this month.}

{Bloc Party's new video for 'Flux'. MPB remind you of anything?}

{I know this is just a promo, but it's so well done. If you like Peanut Butter Wolf's random mixes for free on Itunes, this will be a great stocking stuffer. Don't you hate how it's almost like we 'celebrate' Christmas before Thanksgiving?}

{Speaking of Xmas gifts, this is a winner. Everybody should know who the hip-hop legend D-Nice is (a quick refresher), well Nice is back with a new interview series, True Hip-Hop Stories, that's sort of like a 'storytellers' of hip-hop that goes behind-the-scenes of some of the greatest songs/artists/moments in hip-hop history.}

Are you old enough to remember when MTV actually played music videos?


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