Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Been a Long Time...

Jesus it's been a minute since I've posted. Things have been real hectic these days for me - battling senioritis and inevitable academic failure, biking around on my new wheels, kicking unruly ex-flings to the curb, trying to cure myself of my addiction to Vietnamese vermicelli noodles, recovering from an embarrassing trainwreck of a gig. It's a hard knock life yo.

Due to these...uh...extracurricular activities, I haven't had a chance to catch up with my main music broker - my homie Ricky. So, Ricky is one of those dudes who always has like 30 new albums on his laptop at any given day, and hooking up his new music collection is an added bonus of this beautiful friendship.

So one day, after I got sick of rotating stupid Kanye for the 2308th time, I said, "There has to be more to life than this." And that's when I finally caught onto pandora.com and I've been hooked ever since. Pandora allows you to create channels with your favorite artists, and it'll play music for you from similar sounding artists. I created this sweetass channel with Sergio Mendes and Jorge Ben among others, which makes me long for the warmer weathered cities.

Here are some of the songs I discovered. Get on pandora.com! It's free. Don't tell me you don't like free shit.

[Mp3] Sergio Mendes :: Fool on the Hill
[Mp3] Sergio Mendes :: Magalenha
[MP3] Chico Buarque :: Samba de Orly
[MP3] Rosa Passos :: E Luxo So

[MP3] Sergio Mendes :: Mas Que Nada
[MP3] Sergio Mendes ft. Black Eyed Peas :: Mas Que Nada

[MP3] Rosa Passos :: Aguas de Marco
[MP3] Basia ft. Matt Bianco :: Waters of March

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Why the f is Frisco so cold?!?


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