Friday, October 19, 2007

Work It Out

[Hippo's Note: Originally this post was supposed to be about Michael Jackson's new album, but I had a rough day today, so like my Jr. High literature teacher said, put that fire on paper and "LET IT BURN!" So that's what I'm doing, so bear with me if it's a little messy. That's what happens when your pops throws a glass of water in your face & you end up face to face like a poster for the Lewis-Tyson fight.]

I've had this idea to do a post on songs that I like to listen to when I run/workout...when you just need a little something extra to get you through that last rep, mile, or even to get ready to ask for that promotion. A little fuel for the fire per se. In sort of a mixtape-type presentation (in no particular order):

1. [MP3] Kanye West feat. John Legend :: About An Angel
2. Jay-Z :: U Don't Know
3. [MP3] Brass Munk :: Live Ordeal
4. NERD :: Rockstar
5. [MP3] Mass Influence :: All Out
6. Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z & Missy Elliot :: Is Dat Your B*tch
7. White Stripes :: any of their Satanic-tribal-hyped-ish
8. [MP3] Method Man & Redman :: Blackout
9. [MP3] Outkast :: Phobia
Naughty By Nature :: Uptown Anthem
11. [MP3] The Game :: Dreams (Jose Gonzalez mashup)
12. [MP3] DJ Z-Trip :: Rockstar Mix
13. Talib Kweli :: Get By
14. Linkin Park :: Faint
15. Eric B. & Rakim :: Don't Sweat The Technique
16. Run DMC :: Down With the King
17. [MP3] Lupe Fiasco :: Dumb It Down



Blogger So said...

doomah how come some of the links don't work. i am sad

11:49 AM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

My bad. I thought everyone had those.

4:38 PM  

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