Monday, October 15, 2007

One Last Time

Let me preface the posting of this entry by saying that I got cut off TWICE while waiting patiently to post it. Being on this blog sometimes makes me feel like I'm on an elementary school playground.

After a long weekend of debauchery and smoking 24 too many of those nasty Camel Lights, I went for a run on Monday, and my lungs were physically hurting. I thought, seriously, why do I keep letting those f-ers at Philip Morris make a killing off my health, and I need to freakin quit (for the 100th time). But foreals this time (for the 200th time).

Then I was reading the homie SKIM’s blog, and read the most bare and genuine words that have touched me in awhile. On her 54th night of no cigarettes, she wrote “there is some part of me that does not care to live when I choose to do things I know are killing me.”

That is some REAL shit right there. Everyday we choose to be in certain situations. Everyday we choose to be reactionary. Or to let people mindfuck us. This is why I love SKIM’s music – it’s pure honesty, which seems to be difficult for hip hop artists to maintain these days. Her charisma blazes through each track but with humility and an infectious truth.

So, here’s to no more cigarettes, and to strengthening my mind, and to SKIM for inspiring me. You can cop her cd "For Every Tear" from here. Support the sweet L.A. underground! These few tracks are off her cd sampler that came out before her debut album last year.

[MP3] SKIM :: Chaos (pre-album cut)

[MP3] SKIM :: Untitled

[MP3] SKIM feat. Jade Ross :: Unfamiliar

Ahh, this makes me miss those warm summer L.A. nights at the Tuesday Night Café, kickin it with a Sapporo and listening to people spit their rhymes.

||| debstar |


Blogger bruce banner said...

oh @#%@! i had a dream and the whole get down crew was there; you, hippo, and muttpop - i don't remember what was going on, but you were yelling at me(wtf!)...ah, i need to stop checking this blog everyday.

10:19 PM  
Blogger debstar said...

disturbing. keep your sick fantasies to yourself please.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...


10:06 PM  
Blogger So said...

yummie sweet delicious drag after a nice cool crisp beer....

11:51 AM  

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