Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MC Shar J

I'm stooping pretty low here...but I admit that I'm far too happy to discover that Shar Jackson is a better singer and rapper than both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

Up until now, Shar Jackson was a mildly successful actress that was duped by K-Fed to financially support him and their 2 children. That was a bad scenario turned worse when K-Fed left Shar for "superstar" Britney Spears.

Years later, K-Fed has a failed marriage and rap career, Britney is crazy, and Shar is finding success with her post-liposuction look on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar. I'm actually impressed with her stage presence and rhyme ability! Very few people can attempt Twista's World Record speedy delivery. "Shar J" manages to hold her own and still find time to exude a little femininity.

Who knows if her newfound rhyme skills will lead to anything...but it's nice to see her bask in the Spotlight while her Ex and his Ex self destruct.

Karma's a bitch.



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