Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fresh Out The Box

[Hippo's Update: Be sure to check out J-Live's new EP, 'Reveal The Secret', out now. And even those these Jordans may not be the freshest/newest out there...they one of the illest.]

First off, apologies to debstar, I know I cut you off, but I learned how to drive in L.A. There's plenty going on out there that I felt that getdownnn heads deserve to know now (I know this ain't a What's Next post as requested, but hopefully it'll tide you over for a minute), and if you already know...I also show up to parties fashionable too-late, so skip ahead.

Numero Uno: What's the deal with Lupe Fiasco. He's droppin' a new album pretty soon and from what I've heard out there, it's not going to disappoint, but what's the deal with his performance at this year's VH1 Hip Hop Honors? And it's one thing to F'up, but to be so proud? I know we all haven't been exposed to everything, but show some respect to your predecessors. And I also know that just cause you lived longer, doesn't mean ish, but A Tribe Called Quest has done work...classic work. What's the whole story? Marketing wizardry a la Kanye West vs. 50 Cent? Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna get the album when it drops, but what's the deali-yo? Maybe the omnipresent Kanye will drop some knowledge on his boy.

[MP3] Lupe Fiasco feat. Ghostface Killah & Mike Shinoda :: Spraypaint & Ink Pens
[MP3] Lupe Fiasco :: Boss Playa
[MP3] Lupe Fiasco :: Glory

Numero Dos: I ain't the biggest Wu-Tang Clan fan out there. I liked Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), some O.D.B., Method Man, Ghostface Killah solo work and even some RZA soundtracks, but I'm no where near banner's stalker love. But this intrigued me (RZA legally cleared The Beatles...a Dangermouse/RZA collabo in the future?).

[MP3] Wu-Tang Clan feat. Dhani Harrison, John Frusciante & Erykah Badu :: The Heart Gently Weeps
The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Badu and Russell Crowe combined, all don't outshine Ghostface's verse.

Numero Tres: I'm sure you've all already heard, but just in case, the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows, just came out and I think it's my favorite album of their's since OK Computer. Get it online at their website and pay what you think is appropriate (Seriously...genius. Don't be cheap.). Some of my favorites:

[MP3] Radiohead :: All I Need
[MP3] Radiohead :: Reckoner
[MP3] Radiohead :: House of Cards

And finally: This goes out to my boy Minoru. Think you'll like the voice sampled (you should know, but just in case). Bball season is right around the corner.

[MP3] J-Live :: Practice
J returning to 'A+' form like he was on the classic
The Best Part & All Of The Above albums. I was disappointed with The Hear After. Original version on DJ Jazzy Jeff's The Return Of The Magnificent

Lace 'em up.



Blogger Mista Hippo said...

Kanye did clear it up:

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for Radiohead's album???

1:18 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

I maxed it at $205.81...it's Radiohead after all.

10:10 PM  

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