Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kingdom Done

[HIPPO’S HELLO: Just like Hova, GETDOWNNN IS BACK!!! We were retired for awhile since Ezarchive was down, but now were back and better than ever. Were slowly putting up the links to our most popular old posts and if there’s a track that we don’t repost that you’d like, send us and email and will send it to you. We plan on posting twice a week so be on the look out. IT’S A CELEBRATION.]

It’s good to blow the dust off this blog and kick it off with one of my favorites, Jay-Z. Jigga’s back out of retirement and we got you Exclusive Heads covered. While listening to Kingdom Come won’t make me forget Reasonable Doubt or The Blueprint, it’s pretty solid. The album is more cohesive from track to track than The Black Album. Anyways, it’s good to be back and without further ado:

[MP3] Jay-Z :: Oh My God
{My favorite Just Blaze produced track on the album.}

[MP3] Jay-Z :: 30 Something
{With nice production by Dr. Dre, Jigga shows his flow, “I’m young enough to know the right car to buy, yet grown enough not to put rims on it”…from one elder to another, word.}

[MP3] Jay-Z feat. Chris Martin :: Beach Chair
{Was especially worried what this was going to sound like after I heard that Coldplay and Gwyneth Paltrow were Jay’s newest friends…at least the title for this isn’t “apple”.}

Here’s to no more youtube posts...for now.


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