Monday, October 30, 2006

Jakin' For Beats

[HIPPO's Note: It's good to back where the weather is a little warmer. Really enjoyed my Chicago trip and will post on it once Ezarchive gets up in running again (You all should really download the songs we have already posted since once Ezarchive is back up, you'll no longer have access to the old posts). Another change, we lost our good buddy MUTTPOP B.'s to work. I guess things are getting crazy for him and he'll have to stop with the posts for awhile. Hopefully he'll continue to drop by just to check it out, leave some comments and maybe post. We'll miss his "Emcee 101's". In the meantime, here's a youtube post, until we can hear the music again.]

Found some interesting clips on youtube related to production. Hope you enjoy!

{One of the masters breakin' it down for us. Pat Benatar never sounded so fresh.}

{Natasha Ramos "In The Midnight Hour"...don't know if it ever saw the light of day.}

{Just pick any record...MAD SKILLZ!}

{My favorite part of Fade To Black. Gotta love how they playfully challenge each other. You can see the mutual respect there. And best way to loose weight? See yourself on the big screen grooving with a banana peel in your hand. Ask Timbo.}

{This should settle the whole “bitin’ controversy”}



Anonymous doctashock said...

I actually switched over to fileden.com as my mp3 host before I found out EZ was upgrading. They have everything I liked about EZArchive plus a few more nice features and better stability. The only thing is as an uploader you have to deal with ads with the free service. You can pay for more space and features and it will get rid of the ads altogether. I still kept my EZ account though as backup space in case something weird ever happens.

10:50 PM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

hey docta, thanks for the heads up, yeah ezarchive is a pain in the ass, as soon as we find a viable alternative, we're out.

12:52 AM  

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