Wednesday, October 04, 2006

REmixed Nutz Chapter 1: Soul Brother & Primo

So here’s the deal, Banner and I were debating the other day what we thought were the greatest remixes of all time. The debate lasted a few hours. We even covered some of our favorite covers of songs. Three hours later, we came to the conclusion that this would be a good topic for GETDOWNNN posts (and since I like putting up remixes anyways, it’ll help me out). So at least once a month be on the look out for the REmixed Nutz posts dedicated to our favorite remixes and covers (maybe even some dope mash-ups that really flip the script).

Now we may have had quite a few differences in opinion as we were talking, but as our lists got to the cream of the crop, the very top top, there was no doubting that a majority of our choices had something in commons…Pete Rock and DJ Premier. I mean how can we even talk kick these posts off right without first starting at the foundation. These mother fathers changed the remix game forever. So Chapter 1 is dedicated to them, rightfully so.

Now let’s start with the Soul Brother himself, Pete Rock. This man didn’t put his soulful, jazzy touch onto just any songs, he liked to redo classics and make them all his own. Gave it a refresher and made it fresher. Classic originals like House of Pain’s “Jump Around”, Public Enemy’s “Shut ‘Em Down”, or even touching up his own classic, Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y.” (see my post “Senior Citizens” if you haven’t heard this yet). I mean everybody knows the original versions of these songs, they are considered pillars in hip-hop history. I guess Pete Rock likes a challenge. But for this post, I decided to go with a more rare and in my opinion, less appreciated remix of one of the most famous hip-hop anthems of all time (see below).

Now with DJ Premier on the other hand, he also put his unique, but rawer/hardcore street, sound onto a few in his heyday as well, even though he may have not taken on classics like the Soul Brother did, Primo made you forget that there was an original song that he flipped. Good enough I guess. Prime example, Fat Joe’s “The Sh*t Is Real”. Does anybody even remember how the original goes? Shoot, even Fat Joe used Primo’s version of the song for his video. The man may be fat, but he ain’t stupid. But for this post I wanted to show Primo flexing on a more sensitive side. Adding his urban sound to R&B tracks…sometimes its good to be rough (see below).

One thing these guys both have in common, they like to remix great producers work. Case in point: Muggs, the Beatnuts, the Bomb Squad, etc. If you haven’t heard some of the remixes I mentioned above, email me and I’ll send ‘em your way.

[MP3] Naughty by Nature :: Hip Hop Hooray (Pete Rock Remix)
{This remix needs to get its due. Long overdue.}

[MP3] Craig David featuring Mos Def :: 7 Days (Primo)
{Do you even remember hearing the original? Me neither. The mighty Mos adds his flavor as well.}

[MP3] Janet Jackson :: All for You (Top Heavy Remix)
{Ok so you probably have heard the original to this, but I just wanted to see which one you like better. If you don’t pick Primo’s version, then you probably need a Nut Bra (see video clip above).}

Protect your nuggets.


Anonymous doctashock said...

Primo has been my favorite producer forever and Pete Rock is definitley a hip-hop staple. The thing about both of these guys is that they always leave an unmistakeable signature on their work yet still keep it fresh and unique each time around. It's to the point where when someone else is paying an obvious homage to either of their styles you can say... "those horns sound like Premier, but not quite as sporadic" or "that sounds almost like a piano loop Pete Rock would pull out of his ass."

How do you guys like "The Alternakids" so far? One of the things I want to do after I introduce all of our regulars is feature a guest poster from a different blog once a week. I'd be honored if Banner, Hippo, or Muttpop would consider being the first. I think it'll be a great way to go being blogroll lists and give reades a taste of what they'll get when they visit these other sites. I'm all about cross-promotion. Let me know if you guys are interested.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous doctashock said...


2:30 AM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

hey docta;
yeah, i saw the other day we're on the hype machine, it took about 4 months, but i'm glad they finally put us up, it should help us get a little more traffic here...anyways, we'd be happy to do a cross-link or a post, but right now, we can barely keep up with our regular schedule, we're all supposed to post twice a week, but i know i barely do one...so maybe once you get yours started, we can look at this idea again, and definitely be sure to hit us up with a link to your site so we can put that up...i'm looking forward to checkin out your site...peace

12:33 PM  
Blogger doctashock said...

You can check us out at:


You're already on my blogroll and I shouted you out in my comment responses too. If you want I could repost one of your old school posts on our site too. Just let me know which one you'd want me to use.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've tried downloading these files at all times of the day but to no avail. It keeps telling that todays download limit has been exceeded. At what time (and time zone) does the site begin counting a new day?

1:41 AM  

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