Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game On! (What Happened to the Music in Video Games?)

It’s Sunday and you know what that means…time for MISTA HIPPO to get up on his musical soapbox and preach. I just got back from babysitting my little cousin and it was fun to play video games for 6 hours straight. This boy plays video games so much that he should be one of those video game testers (he’s logged so many hours that if he was training to fly, he’d be a 9 year old pilot by now). Needless to say, he kicked my a$$ most of the time (if he’s reading this, it’s cause I let you punk!). Anyways, he’s got an Xbox 360 so we were getting our NBA 2K7 on and since I was down by 10 points or more most of the time, I began to notice the dope music. It was really shocking. I got a chance to do a little research later and realized that the whole “soundtrack” is produced by Dan the Automator (I should really be doing a post on him alone). And the MC’s they had flowin’ over his beats, was no joke either. An incredible lineup that includes Rhymefest, Heiroglyphics, Aceyalone, E-40, Ghostface, Lupe Fiasco, Dilated Peoples, Mos Def, Charli 2na, Zion I and a remix of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Lyrics To Go”. I think that team right there could give The Dream Team (without The Bag Boy) a run for their money. This is the Dream Team of video game soundtracks. I remember when I used to have to put my favorite CD or tape into my boombox and put my sports video games on mute to play. Another game that we played was Flow: Urban Dance Uprising which is like the hip-hop version of Dance Dance Revolution. It was actually quite a workout. Great tunes as well, made me forget what an idiot I must have looked like jumping up & down like Riverdance next to this little kid. So above is the music video for the Hiero track “Don’t Hate the Player” from 2K7 and below is a track from Flow.

[MP3] Mophono :: Sunpower
{On the screen I was supposed to be breakin’ to this. Great song, but whatever happened to the Jimmy Castor Bunch?}

Ghostface & A.G. of DITC :: 2K007
{Ghostface just killed it in '06. Can't wait for 'o7...hopefully, more Automator beats like this}

A Tribe Called Quest :: Lyrics To Go (Automator Remix)
{It takes cajones to take a classic and remake it. Usually a mistake of arrogance...not this time}

If you really want to know what type of gamer I am, all I’m gonna say is King of Fighters (on PS) and Jordan vs. Bird (on PC). Anytime, anywhere…BRING IT!


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