Monday, September 04, 2006

Enta Da Stage

Enta Da Stage
by Black Moon is one of those albums that all hip-hip fiends need to have in their CD players, iPOD, and on 12inch for your one-and-twos...

This fat sack of smokes became fully available around 1993. The initial single to start this sh*t off was Who Got the Props. With the tradition of the Golden Era hip-hop, it incorporates a good deal of jazzyness, rugged beats, and your conventional Brooklyn delivery... There is a good deal of quality scratching in between by one of the most slept-on dj Evil Dee (one half of Beatminerz production team). Of course we cannot forget the young smooth voice of Buckshot shorty... This album clearly evinces how hungry Buckshot is... He flips it from smooth to choppy and raw at times... His delivery, tone, and control of his dutch-filled breath is masterful and captivating.

Other tracks that made this album prominent are How Many MCs, I Got Cha Opin, and Buck Em Down. While these tracks are all quite memorable, true dutch-blowing, bubblecoat, and camo-military fatigue wearing cats will know for sure that it was the REMIX of I Got Cha Opin that got many many people real real high during the 1990s. They will forever be remember as the kids that caused everyone to fill up the room with smoke and have people chanting: "Don't front, you know I gotcha opin it's the original heads in the original crew... DUCKDOWN!!!"

On a side note, this is the album that opened up many heads to Cocoa Brovaz (formerly known as Smif-N-Wessun but forced to change their name due to legal issues with the gun company Smith and Wesson). This album was the beginning for the Duckdown Records company... It has Brooklyn written all over it. This album fostered the growth of backpackers. Moreover, it was a blend of backpacking and peddling street medicine in front of the corner bodega. It's not hustle-driven like Illmatic. It's not afrocentric like Digable Planets nor is it positive like A Tribe Called Quest. Enta Da Stage is in its own class and holds its own share of weight during the Golden Era of hip hop.

[MP3] Black Moon :: Buck em Down (Remix)
[MP3] Black Moon :: I Got Cha Opin (Remix)



Anonymous doctashock said...

As always another on point post from my favorite audio bloggers. The one thing stopping my from starting up my own blog was the fact that I tend to get preoccupied with other things going on and would hate to do one half-assed with updates too far and in-between. You guys have inspired me to seek out a couple other people who might be interested in collaborating. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

On another note, any chance I might see any of you at The Roots' in-store over at Amoeba tomorrow at 5:30? I plan to get there around 2 or 3 because I know it'll be crowded and I don't want to get stuck outside. Since this one starts at 5:30 instead of 7 it gives me just enough time to catch them and then trek on over to the Hollywood Bowl to see James Brown. Email doctashock@gmail.com if you'll be in the area and I'll try to come say hello.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Mista Hippo said...

As always, thanks for the love Docta. That'll be cool if you start your own blog. Roots @ Amoeba sounds dope, one of my favorite bands (check the "Soulquarian Love Tribute" post if you haven't already), but unfortunately now that I'm stationed here in Aloha land, I'll have to miss out on all those great shows. Have fun!

2:45 PM  
Blogger bruce banner said...

oh damn, just saw your comment, i didn't know the roots were going to be @ amoeba, but i was at the JB show and loved it...the big band made all the difference for me and i can't believe he still had the moves and voice at 73....anyways, you should definitely try out the whole team blog thing, it makes it so much easier, esp. now that my lazy ass hasn't been posting so much...good luck~

9:34 AM  

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